6 Ways to Track Your Fitness Progress

Tracking your progress doesn’t mean only weighing yourself. The scale is just ONE tool to track your progress and not needed if it causes emotional stress.

So what can you do to track your progress?

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Progress is so much more than a physical transformation. Your body can only take you so far if you cannot work on your internal struggles.

Here are my favorite ways to track progress:

Take pictures!

Every few weeks, take progress pictures in the same spot, same time of day, and same outfit. This is the most accurate way to take them. I also track my measurements with how my clothes fit, I haven’t weighed myself in over two years because of the emotional drain it causes for me (this is not the case for everyone- the scale is still an amazing tool).

Track your workouts!

Making PR’s is an amazing way to keep you motivated and see those beautiful muscles grow. Make a journal of your starting weights, how many intervals you completed with HIIT, or how fast you ran a mile. Each week power through your workouts and try to reach a personal record. Every few weeks go back to your journal and track where you currently are- compare!

Create healthy habits!

This can mean getting in your daily water intake, focusing on reducing stress levels, creating more ME time, get in movement, getting in more vegetables (hello, fiber), and being kind to yourself.

How you feel!

Are you feeling more energetic and confident? Are you clothes fitting a little better? THAT is progress, babe.

Challenge yourself!

I cannot express this enough. Motivation just doesn’t appear. It happens because you make it happen. Challenge yourself by following a program, hiring a trainer (I can help!), signing up for a race, or doing weekly group classes. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but step out of your comfort zone and complete something. That feeling of accomplishment is unmatchable!

Tracking your progress with various methods IS important

Create non-scale victories that will help you stay motivated, believe in yourself, and keep working on creating a more healthy version of yourself inside and out.

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