Personal Development Doesn’t Always Work

Personal Development Doesn’t always work. It isn’t always rainbows & butterflies.

It’s important to hear this, because the idea of loving yourself in today’s society is believed to be easy and effortless.

It’s not & It never will be.


It is a beautiful journey that teaches us to embrace WHO we are and WHAT we cherish most.

Self love affirmation- I accept myself completely

Self-development is an ever growing industry that helps us improve and change. But how many books have you read and courses have you taken? Did you suddenly become a more developed person?

Don’t get me wrong, these are inspiring and can create action where motivation was lacking. But, results are usually short-term and you end up back to where you started.

So why doesn’t Self Development always work?

These results are short term because of various reasons, but mainly due to self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Most of the self-development and self-help books work primarily on helping you cope with the symptoms or “heal” them. In order to improve, in all aspects of life, we must work on the root cause as none of this will matter if you do not genuinely love yourself (or even like yourself).

The theory of self-awareness is that when you start paying attention to your actions and behaviors, you can start to recognize what serves you and what doesn’t. It’s about prioritizing the things you care about and what benefits you internally.

It is also about getting rid of toxic behavior. This can be something you do or someone in your life that doesn’t align with your values and care for you.

Not all change will bring growth, but growth does demand change. Remember, it is NOT about changing WHO you are, but WHAT you do on a daily basis, how you talk to yourself, and how you perceive the world. Which is exactly why being aware of your daily actions and thoughts are important to improve your self-development.

To begin, start to journal your morning and evening thoughts. What happened that day that either impacted your mood or your routine? Was it someone close to you? Was it when you stepped on the scale in the morning?

Create a deep connection with the things and people that influence you in a positive way, and keep going. Once you find that intrinsic motivation, you will slowly start to decrease the things that hurt you the most.

If you don’t accept yourself, not your future self but right now, you will never get lasting results.

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