Is Exercise Body Positive?

As we begin our self-love journey, we may start to discover things that serve us and an abundance of things that don’t. Recently, I came across a woman promoting body love heavily in a social group that was afraid that if she started exercising that it would be against everything she stood for.

Is this true? 

Has society taught us that exercise is a form of punishment? 

Do you exercise to lose weight, or do you exercise to feel great? 

Let’s go over some important dynamics of loving your body & why exercise is a fundamental step in it. 


3 Important Steps to Body Love


Have you taken a moment lately to listen to your body? I mean really listen?  Your body is constantly sending you signals, letting you know when something isn’t feeling right & when something feels amazing. You are the biggest advocate of your body, so it is important to take a step back from what is your mind telling you to what your body is. Intuitively listening means slowing down when you need rest, eating when your stomach is growling, sickness, taking in a deep breath & focusing on the tense areas, & of course, pleasure.

Body awareness is an important dynamic in understanding what your body needs to move, to be fueled, emotions that trigger hunger & movement, & understanding what all of these mean. It is a skill that takes practice every single day. It all starts with just taking a step back and listening.


Our self-perception, both negative and positive, is heavily crafted from our past experiences. Early experiences can impact how we talk and how we see ourselves. How does body acceptance come from this? How do we start to learn to accept our body?

Our inner self-critic is always guiding us to cover up & hide, to not wear the two-piece bikini because someone might judge us or the crop top because it shows too much. It drives us in the constant path of perfection, or to always hide. In the path of body acceptance, it means challenging your inner critic. This path will not be easy in the beginning, in fact, it will be hard. But, with change comes a beautiful journey of self-perseverance. This negative inner critic slowly fades while your voice that says your imperfections are beautiful will be all that’s left.


Your body is magnificent. It goes above & beyond to keep you moving, to keep you strong and capable of so much. It grows with you, it holds you & it heals you. Finding your own body loving path is about embracing and appreciating who you are at this exact moment.

In the act of appreciating your body for all that it does, exercise can play an important part. You become confident in movement, feel strong & capable of anything, you crush goals that you set, & you are ready to feel the power of lifting yourself up. It is incredible what exercise can do for your mind. Exercising is not about punishing your body, fitting into those jeans in the back of your closet, or impressing your ex. It’s about appreciating and see what your body is capable of. Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it. So, put away the scale. Set strength goals, not calories burned goals. You will be able to not only changing physically, but your mental growth will be unreal.

Through the practice of body love, you will no longer see your body as something negative or weak. But instead, you will see your body as powerful, unique & beautiful.

You will fall in love with taking care of yourself mentally, physically & emotionally. 



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