5 Steps to Start Loving & Accepting Your Body

The body positive movement is a popular term used today in every day social media posts and even conversations. “You have to love your body at every stage”, ” You need to love your body more”, “Why don’t you love your body?”. These are just a few things that you may hear or tell someone when it comes to loving your body more.

When we start to respond to more positive thinking towards our body, it expands into a greater self-love all around

Loving your body is a very important step in self-love, especially since self-love can influence almost every decision you make. How you love your body right now can impact your dating life, your sex life, the clothes you pick, and the image you project at work, at home, or anywhere in public.

The body love movement is a state of appreciating your body- every curve, marking, how clothes fit, and how you view it. When we start to respond to more positive thinking towards our body, it expands into a greater self-love all around. If body love can evolve into a greater self-love for oneself, it’s time to support and be apart of the body love movement.

Loving your body grows with our actions and our thoughts. We begin to accept ourselves for the way we are naturally shaped, have compassion for our struggles, replacing the idea that we are flawed with an appreciation for life, and living a life full of fulfilment and not letting our weight dictate what we wear, who we talk to, and how we talk to ourselves.


Here is my 5 Step Process To Begin Loving & Appreciating your Body


Accept Your Markings of Experience

You see those stretch marks across the sides of your stomach, the cellulite around your thighs, and the wrinkles beside your eyes? They are not imperfections, they are markings of our experiences. Our body has evolved through love, hardship, happiness, sadness, and every type of experience. Don’t ever feel that you need to hide them, they are you. They represent everything you’ve been through.

Create Boundaries

Are you setting limits on the people or things that deplete you on an emotional and spiritual level? Are you letting others comment about your body? Are you letting yourself talk negatively about your body? Words can hurt, especially if your daily internal talk is negative toward your body. Always create boundaries and let yourself, and others, know that your body is not up for discussion.

Choose Joy in Fitness & Health

Yes, health & fitness are apart of body love. Some may think the opposite, but taking care of your body through movement and eating foods that you enjoy and feel good about is amazing for any type of self-love development. Fitness can be anything, from walking outdoors to relieve stress from a bad day or even stretching to release tension from your desk job. When you do any type of movement you are releasing positive energy to create a more balanced mood.

Body love is about taking care of yourself and how you view your body. It isn’t about punishing it for eating too much by working out longer or starving yourself and it isn’t about choosing some foods over the other because they may be termed as “bad”. It is about finding joy in moving your body in ways that feel good to YOU. It is about choosing foods that make you feel good all around and the foods that feed your soul as well.

Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Good 

It doesn’t matter your size or shape, fabric is fabric. It is meant to be a form of expression, not a form of hiding. Get rid of old clothes that haven’t fit you in years and go out shopping for clothes that fit you now. Choose clothes that make you feel good and walk out the door. When people look at you, smile back. Your confidence will radiate and even promote other women just like you to walk out the door with whatever the hell they want to wear. All it takes is confidence, not a perfect body.

Stop Comparing Those Around You & On Social Media

When you are constantly intaking a social media feed of women you’d love to look like, you are depleting your energy. You need to do a check of who you follow and why, if it’s because of their body- maybe it’s time to click that unfollow button. Instead, stick to accounts that make you feel good and make you feel empowered.

Continuing on this subject, do you compare when you are out as well? Do you feel your self-esteem decrease when you see another woman walk by? Was it because of her weight, confidence, or something about her that caused this? You are missing out on a possible friendship or an amazing person by making her looks about you. The way she presents herself is about her. The way you present yourself is about you. If you love the way another person looks- show appreciation and even smile at them.  Instead of thinking “Ugh, I hate her because she looks like that & I don’t” — think this  “She must have worked really hard to reach that level of confidence, how amazing”.


There is beauty all around us, especially you. Don’t miss out on amazing people because of how they look and how you feel about yourself. Celebrate other people, celebrate you. We are all beautiful in our own way.


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