5 Things to ALWAYS do at the Gym

Have you ever been in the middle of a workout and moved to a bench to only find the sweaty outline of the person that was just on it? Ya, it’s not fun. Especially if that’s the only available bench.

There are at least 5 things you should always do when at the gym, no matter who you are. This won’t be long and may even seem common courtesy, but sometimes a reminder is all we need.



Did you know that equipment at a gym harbors more germs than a toilet seat? Germs and viruses are found everywhere at the gym so it’s important to wipe down any equipment you use throughout your workout. You may say something like ‘but I don’t sweat’ or ‘I was only on it for two seconds’, but it doesn’t matter. Wipe it down.



There is no other feeling than being in the middle of a squat and have someone tap your shoulder to give you form tips. I promise this isn’t a butterflies in your stomach feeling either.

One thing that even trainers should follow is NOT giving any form tips or advice unless someone is asking you or can possibly hurt themselves. Guys, this doesn’t mean picking up women at the gym by insulting her on her lift (encouraging her on her lift works much better).



Want to record your workout or take a selfie? Let’s cover some common questions with answers that you should follow.

  • Want to record your workout? Blur out people in the background or don’t do it by others.
  • Taking a selfie? Make sure someone isn’t behind you or you blur out others before posting it on social media.
  • See someone doing a different type of exercise on want to record it? DONT. Without someone’s permission you SHOULD NOT be recording them or taking pictures of them (no matter how weird their exercise may be).



Exhausted after an intense drop set and don’t want to put the weights back? I get it, I’ve been there too. But imagine being the person that walks over to pick up a set of dumbbells and trips over the dumbbells all over the floor. It’s not cool and you will definitely be looked at as the person at the gym with no common courtesy.

So here’s a few questions you may have with again, answers you should follow:

  • Put plates on a bar or machine and don’t want to put them away? Do it anyway.
  • Moved equipment from one side of the gym and don’t want to put them away? Do it anyway.
  • Moved a bench from one side of the gym to the other? Put it back.
  • Loaded up a bar with plates and don’t want to unrack it? Do it anyway.

You’re getting it now, right? Well, just in case- always clean up after yourself.



When you are in the middle of an intense workout where you are breathing harder, the last thing you want is to breathe in bad body odor. So for the love of everything, put on some deodorant and wear clean clothes to the gym.



If you have tips that you don’t see here, share them below!