5 Tips to Become a More Mindful Person

Mindfulness is a topic that is explored in the way we eat, our thoughts, and even our behavior. It is no wonder that you came to this post looking for a way to be more present in your everyday life, which is what we are all trying for…right? This is why I bundled 5 tips, that are dare I say easy, on how to become a more Mindful Person.



Be present in Everyday Tasks

steps to become mindful

We cannot be experts in everything, or anything at that, as we are always learning, growing and adapting. But when you try to learn or do too many things at once, your work becomes more of a messy work of art instead of a well thought out one.

No matter the goal or task you set for yourself today, focus on it solely. Have a paper to write? Have a proposal to create? Helping your child study? Be there, be present at that moment and give it your best. If you are trying to become the best teacher or coach on a particular topic, immerse yourself in it. Research and read on it every day, make those moments all about it. Who knows the impact you can have once you decide to be all in, at that moment.

Pay Attention to What Serves & Doesn’t Serve you

steps to become mindful

In life, what we surround ourself with, who we are always communicating with, and what we see becomes who we are and how we are seen. This mindful task is much harder than it seems, as you may be living a life where there is a variety of things that just don’t align with who you want to be (and who you need to be). It’s important to be aware of these times and learn to say no when something or someone isn’t in alignment with your purpose.

If a relationship does happen to be the focal point here, it’s best to let it fade rather than confront it. There will be people that can help you become your best self in so many aspects, but there will also be people that are willing to drag you down with them. Choose your people.

Limit Distractions

steps to become mindful

Being mindful, in even the simplest of things, can change your perspective. Have you spoke with someone and felt like you weren’t being heard as they scrolled through their phone? Have you had a conversation with your child, while watching television, hardly being able to recall what they were saying? Have you said “how are you” just to be friendly on the phone, but find yourself busy doing something else while that person talks? We’ve all been there.

Limiting distractions can simply mean turning off the television during meals, pausing the Youtube video while someone talks to us, or even putting your phone on silent and to the side while out to dinner. Think of one thing you always find yourself hardly paying attention to, that you always find distractions while doing it, and begin there.

Slow Down While You Eat

steps to become mindful: mindful eating

Mindful eating is so much more than how you eat, but also what you’re thinking and your behavior around it. Have you ever ate something and afterward forgot that you ate it, or didn’t even realize how much you ate? Eating is one of the daily tasks that we do without thinking. Mindfully eating involves slowing down with each bite, paying attention to even flavors, textures, and taste. With this, and with each bite, you are also focusing on how full you may be becoming and putting the food to the side or away once you are satisfied or no longer wanting to eat it. At the end of the day, or even minutes to hours later, it’s important to be aware of how these foods made you feel overall. Mindful eating involves hunger and fullness, but also paying attention to your individual response to foods and reducing any negative thoughts or behavior around certain foods (no more restricting, guilt or punishment).

Become an Observer

steps to become mindful

To observe simply means to listen, watch and read your environment and the people around you without putting your own perspective, actions and behavior in it (at least, this is how I believe it is applied to becoming more mindful). To put this into play, imagine a scenario that you are at a coffee shop and you are watching a live band play. Instead of focusing on the menu, reading through a book or your phone, sit there. Listen to the music, focus on the lyrics and the way they play their instruments. Even in these moments, where we focus on one thing rather than everything, we can create quite a relaxing and calming experience (and quite different if you do this on a common basis).




Are you trying to become more mindful in your everyday life?  Try one of the steps above and come back to this post so I can hear how well it worked!




Tiffany Moule

Health & Mindset Coach



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