7 Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results & You’ve Hit a Plateau

Lack of results doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not progressing. It is vital to remember that progress can come from anywhere- strength, how you feel, how you eat, how you move, how your clothes fit, your mood- and so much more.

But when progress stalls, it can make you second guess everything.

Today I want to talk about why you may not be seeing results, even though you’re doing everything ‘by the book’. 

But let’s first clear the air, these recommendations are what I’ve seen from coaching women, as an observer, and even in my own experience. But unless you’re working 1:1 with me, I wouldn’t be able to highlight any reasons why you’re not seeing progress.

Why You’re not seeing Progress


Movement has decreased outside of the gym. Are you walking less, sitting more? Remember, your daily movement accounts for more calories burned than planned exercise. If this is you- try getting up more frequently, parking farther out, or even take a break from sitting every hour. Small changes add up.

Been at the same calories for months? This is one I see too much. It is important to remember that your metabolism is highly adaptable. If you’ve been in a calorie deficit, at the same numbers, for months and you cannot lower anymore- it may be time to reverse diet. When you’ve been in a calorie deficit for months, your body adapts to keep you alive. Your NEAT (non-exercise activity) decreases, meaning less twitching, getting up and even decreased energy when you’ve prolonged your dieting phase.

Switching up workouts daily/weekly? I am all for keeping training fun, but when you do different workouts every time you train- you’re really not giving yourself the full advantage of progressive overload. If you truly want to work on a physique goal, you need to spend more time doing the same exercises. I’d recommend staying with the same plan for at least 4 weeks.

Not consuming enough protein? Protein is the only macro that affects your body composition. It helps with keeping you full between meals, supporting lean muscle mass and even recovering from hard training days. If your protein is lower than .8g per lb of bodyweight (or goal bodyweight if overweight) I would try increasing to that as a minimum to help.

Lacking consistency? THIS is the biggest one of all, that maybe all of us are guilty of once in a while. Do you follow your plan Monday-Friday and let go on the weekend? Do you follow your plan all day but go overboard at dinner time? Do you follow a workout plan for the first 2-3 weeks and then stop? Consistency is the greatest predictor of results. Several studies have shown that being consistent, not perfect, is important for maintaining your physique goals and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Lack of sleep, not enough recovery time? Getting enough sleep is vital. If you are constantly low on sleep, this may be the reason why you’re having a hard time sticking to your plan, feeling sore, and lacking energy during the day. Anywhere from 7-9 hours a night can be plenty for most.

Lack of intensity in your workouts? Or too much volume? Although any type of movement is great and provide results in the beginning, it can easily lead to stalling and feeling lost in your programming. Focusing on bringing intensity to each workout is important, as well as not doing too much volume each week. Finding a healthy medium where you bring intensity with each exercise, each workout but don’t overdo it where you are always sore and lacking results is ideal.

If you’re lacking progress, it isn’t a time to get down on yourself


It’s a time to OBSERVE what you’re doing now and what you’ve been doing for weeks.
Of course, without judgment or criticism either. Even coaches have to do this and those that have been training for years.

Ask yourself these questions and focus on if you’ve been truly following everything. If you went over everything and still feel like you’ve covered it all, hiring a coach to help you uncover why you’re not seeing progress can be a great start. An extra set of eyes and accountability can help you refocus and see results once again.

Here’s to breaking plateaus and seeing results!

Tiffany Moule
Health & Mindset Coach