The Secret to Lasting Fat loss

A Google search may give you a list of foods to avoid…

A Pinterest search may show you infographics on fat burning foods, and how to get ‘toned’ in a week…

& your favorite Instagram influencer may post workouts on how to get reduce fat with fat burning exercises…

There is no secret.
Yes, I catfished you..but please don’t leave.
I have something very important to go over, which will lead to helping you reach your results without falling for marketing gimmicks that waste your time.

You deserve to know what will help you reach your strongest physique, without being sold a product, feeling like complete crap or falling for workouts/graphics that make you believe you can spot reduce

Here are my TOP 3 TIPS to lose fat, sustainably, and start seeing that muscle you’ve worked hard for

Top 3 tips for fat loss that keeps it off

1. Portion Control & Protein

Protein is the only macronutrient that can impact body composition (fat mass to lean muscle mass ratio). When consuming a sufficient amount of protein, not only does it help maintain lean muscle mass and regulate blood sugar levels but can keep you full between meals. If you want the best results- focus on consuming enough protein, while consuming a calorie deficit (moderate), and resistance training around 3-5 times per week. A sufficient protein ratio for most is consuming around  .75-1g per lb of bodyweight or goal bodyweight if overweight of protein each day. Reaching a calorie deficit simply means eating below your maintenance calories (how many calories you burn in total each day counting digestion, movement, exercise, and natural processes). To obtain a calorie deficit you can track your calories (a more narrow path) or practice portion control (limiting the number of calories you consume from higher-calorie sources). Once you’ve nailed the foundation of nutrition and fitness, you’re better set up for success.

2. Training with Purpose & Progressive Overload

If you want to see the best results from your training, going in with a plan and challenging yourself is the best way. You cannot expect to reach your goals if you’re changing your workouts each time you train (unless you are advanced and keep tabs of your workouts). Progressive overload should be applied to any plan. This basically means that you are doing more over time to improve strength, endurance or muscular size. But progressive overload doesn’t come from just increasing weight, it means increasing the stress on your muscles in various methods. This can include adding elevation, tempo, pyramid training, new exercises, more/less volume, more/less reps-sets, or more/less rest time. Doing the same plan every single workout will only get you the same results, which is why most people start to feel lost and confused why their results have stalled after months of doing the same thing (or no plan at all).

3. Being consistent, not perfect

Are you the type of person that throws in the towel after you go off plan? Say you’ll start again the next day, week, month? If you expect perfection all the time- you will fail. There will be times where you want to give in to cravings, want to rest more or not choose the best food choices and that IS PERFECTLY OKAY. It’s about creating balance and learning that a day or two off won’t derail your results. Focus on consistency above all, as perfection doesn’t exist. Consistency means that when you have a day, or few days, where you are off plan, you still get back on track in the end. It doesn’t mean giving up or saying “screw it I already messed up”. Having the 100% all in or out mentality will likely lead you to always getting off-plan, and staying off plan for a while.



Keep it sustainable for YOU

Although these are my 3 best tips, they are not conclusive. I have tons I would add here, especially on managing stress and sleep, but above all these three will get you started off to seeing results once again. The important thing that I hope you realize here is that I didn’t mention waist trainers, diet supplements, specific dieting methods (keto, low carb, low fat, paleo, whole30) or increasing cardio. Fat loss can be as simple as you make it, and as complicated as you want it to be. I hope you choose a fat loss method that is not only sustainable for you but enjoyable.



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-Tiffany Moule

Health & Mindset Coach