Easy Tips to Create a Home Gym + At home Workouts!

With the recent events happening, more and more people are trying to find ways to still remain active at home with little or without equipment. If you don’t already work out at home you may find it harder to create a workout for yourself.

First, I want to say that with time I hope things get better where you are and prevention and positivity start to replace fear and negativity.

How to create your own Home Gym:

  • Create a space where you can move around freely. Think of movements like lunges, glute bridges, and jump squats. Do you have enough space to do this without falling over on something? If not, try to move stuff around or set up somewhere else.
  • Find equipment you already have in your home. Chairs, stools, couch, and counter tops can be used as alternatives for most exercises. Water jugs, laundry detergent bottles and cans can be effective weights if you don’t have any. Towels can be used as sliders (don’t second guess how hard these make some exercises!).
  • Amazon, Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace have equipment that can be budget-friendly. If you are looking at purchasing equipment, I’d recommend at least three sets of dumbbells (light, moderate, heavy), a resistance band, a loop band, a glute band and a set of kettle bells.
  • Dress up the same as you would the gym. A lot of times our gym gear can be the motivating factor to get us there. Get dressed the same and warm up the same as you would when training at the gym.

Amazon Equipment Recommendations:
Glute Band
Resistance Band Set
Loop Band set
Dumbbell Tree Set
Adjustable Weights

How to Create a Home Workout Program

  1. Focus on full-body exercises (compound lifts). These are squats, push-ups, pull-ups, hip thrusts, deadlifts, overhead press, and chest press.
  2. Add in isolated lifts like glute kickbacks, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, glute bridge, reverse hyperextension, banded abductions, banded monster walks, lateral raises, front raises, and reverse flys.
  3. For cardio- if you don’t have any equipment at home try to walk more outside! But if this isn’t possible, add in Plyometric and HIIT workouts. These are low rest, high-intensity workouts that are usually less than 10 minutes. If you do add these in, do it after lifting or another time of day.
  4. Create workouts based on how much you can go to the gym. For ex. if you can only train for 4 days, choose a workout frequency of Upper, Lower, Upper, Lower, or Lower, Upper, Lower, Full body. For 3 days, your workout frequency may instead be all full body with different focuses (lower body, upper body, glutes).

Bodyweight Home Workout

Workout Example 1- Full body

Superset- 3 sets
1.a. Hip Thrust (use something heavy to put on your hips!) – 20 reps
1.b. Push up- 10 reps
Superset- 3 sets
2.a. Slider Reverse Lunges (use a towel!)- 10 reps each leg
2.b. Shoulder Taps Plank – 30-60 seconds
Superset- 3 sets
3.a. Glute Bridge March – 45-60 seconds
3.b. Tricep Dips – 12-15 reps

Resistance Band Home Workout

Workout Example 2- Full body

Superset- 3 sets
1.a. Banded Squat Walks -30 taps each way
1.b. Incline Push up – 8-10 reps
Tri-set-3 sets
2.a. Banded Reverse Lunges- 15 reps each side
2.b. Plank Up & Downs – 30-60 seconds
2.c. Single Arm Bent Over Row (band)- 12-15 reps each side
Superset- 3 sets
3.a. 1 1/4 Bulgarian split squats – 12 reps each side
3.b. Banded Glute bridge to abduction- 15 reps

Dumbbell Home Workout

Workout Example 3- Full body

Superset- 4 sets
1.a. DB Goblet Squat- 12-15 reps
1.b. DB Bicep Curls- 12-15 reps
Superset- 3 sets
2.a. DB 1 1/4 Deadlift- 10-12 reps
2.b. DB Overhead Press- 10-12 reps
Triset- 3 sets
3.a. DB Single Leg Hip Thrust- 10 reps each side
3.b. DB Single Arm Bent Over Row- 10 reps each side
3.c. Plank Hip dips- 30-60 seconds

Overall, home workouts can be just as effective as gym workouts. What matters most is YOUR focus, smart programming, and applying that mind + muscle connection to your lifts.


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Here’s to building strong bodies no matter what chaos life presents you,

Tiffany Moule

Health & Mindset Coach