Inner Work During Social Distancing Is Needed NOW More than Ever

Stress and anxiety levels may be at the highest right now for most, if not all, of us during this Pandemic. Our daily life has shifted to feeling isolated, alone, and controlled (at least for the majority of us). But, it doesn’t have to always feel that way. Yes, there will be moments of uncertainty but there can also be moments where you become more self-aware and care for yourself. Inner work is needed now more than ever, for all of us.

How to Improve Inner Work During Social Distancing

Less News, More Reading

The news is constantly updated with headlines that are meant to trigger emotions. From the latest statistics of COVID-19 to targeting your greatest fears- the news has a time and place. Checking, listening and reading constantly is emotionally draining.

Take a break, friend. Create a limit on how many times you can check the news each day and week. When you feel like you are having more trouble staying away, replace these times with reading something positive, interesting, and completely distracting. Maybe a mystery murder novel on Kindle or an article on how to improve your home value on a budget- whatever helps you manage and cope better is best.

Get Support (at home)

Although we are spending more time at home, it doesn’t mean we are alone. There are plenty of ways to find support with your friends and family, but also through the community and online support (therapy, counseling). One way many of us are getting closer to the one’s we love is through multiplayer apps like Words with Friends and also video calling on apps like Facebook and Google Duo. The options are endless and I hope you are taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to connect with others.

Create a New Daily Routine

Prior to this Pandemic, your daily routine was likely well instilled. You had a typical time frame of when you woke up and went to bed, when you worked and was at home, your workout routine (or lack thereof), and your home routine was comfortable.

Then COVID-19 happens, everything is chaotic now. Your activity levels are lowered, making falling asleep at a good time hard. Your work life has shifted from working at home or losing employment. Now, finding a decent meal to create is hard since the store shelves are scarce. BUT, there is hope. Creating a new normal, with what we have and the time we’re given is the best outlook at this point. No more complaining but rather replacing negativity with optimism. I am not saying it’s okay not to feel, but staying there just isn’t doing anything for your mental health.

Create a routine that works with your current life, not your life 2 months ago. Maybe that means going with the flow and seeing what works and what doesn’t to get a feel of what helps. Whatever you do, please don’t give up on your goals.

Add Stress & Anxiety Management to your Daily Routine (AKA Self-care)

For an hour a day, scratch that – even 20 minutes -, adding some type of self-care to your routine can help with managing stress and overall coping with worrying.

For some, self-care may mean reading, playing games or taking a long bath and for others it may mean a walk or run outside, exercising at home, or doing yoga. Whatever you choose, choose something to help yourself in these moments.

Overall, social distancing is our new normal for the next few weeks. If you fully engage in it, we can hopefully make it to where there will be no more extensions. Spending more time at home can be a variety of emotions in these times, which is why inner work can be so beneficial.

What are you doing right now to help yourself?

Here’s to a calmer mindset in the midst of chaos,

Tiffany Moule

Health & Mindset Coach