Avoiding Self-Sabotage with New Year Resolutions

2021 is here, another year of resolutions is upon us. BUT, this is the perfect time of year for companies to influence you that you are not good enough, fit enough, or even thin enough (to promote their promising product, detox, or challenge). Every year it’s the same thing, the same thing that most fitness and health companies thrive on- your insecurities and self-doubt.

*If you loved my Instagram post on this, here’s an even better breakdown.

Not this year, not for YOU love.
This is the year you believe in your strength, honor your promises, and create self-respect that becomes the foundation for every relationship you have. This is the year you know that you are so much more than a body.

Avoiding Self-Sabotage with New Year Resolutions

Behavior that resembles self-sabotage may start to affect your daily life, habits, and then begin to trickle down negatively on your long term goals. It is important to know that most of the time, we may not be consciously aware of these negative behaviors. Sometimes we see them as being ‘needed’ for short term results, such as a miserable quick weight loss diet. In reality, this is not self-care – it’s self-sabotage.

Common forms of self-sabotage with New Year resolutions:
– Negative actions/methods to reach short-term results.
– Heavy restriction.
– Negative labels/terms used to label food and/or exercise.
– Taking failure as a way to be negative toward yourself.
– Focusing solely on physical progress, and if that doesn’t reach your standard you resort to negative actions and thoughts.

Overcoming self-sabotage begins with being aware of this behavior 

Any negative thought or behavior begins with being aware of it, acknowledging it, and breaking down how you can get better. I like to break this down into a series of questions that follow your highest self. These questions are especially useful if you are creating a goal, following a method, or figuring out if a program is best for you.

– Am I respecting my mind & body?
– Does this challenge me (not in a way that is miserable or overly restrictive) to become better?
– Is this positive toward my goals?
– Does this align with my lifestyle and environment, instead of changing everything to follow it?

It’s important to be aware and to challenge these negative patterns and self-beliefs. You can do this, friend. It will take lots of practice, patience, and consistency. But goodness, it’s worth it.

I used to be the queen of creating incredibly miserable resolutions, but now I don’t create any. I focus on reevaluating my goals every single month with actionable steps to reach them (and an honest review of my progress and how I can help it). Once I worked on my self-sabotaging behaviors my relationship with myself grew and it’s constantly growing now. Is it perfect? No, you will have days when your self inflicting behaviors aren’t perfect. That is normal. Self-love and self-care are always fluctuating. You are always improving.

You are your biggest supporter, so be kind to yourself and create goals that align with your highest self.